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  • Provisional.
  • Individual trays. Stop positioning and retention internally.
  • Motor and preparation of working models.
  • Assembly models working in semi-adjustable articulator.
  • Realization of metal structures for the clinical verification.
  • Creating ceramics using layering techniques in its preparation, to get a bioaesthetic result.
  • Creation of splints for the ATM treatment.
  • Size guides, that allow thickness assessment.
  • Protocol models (model master, splint model, model for waxening).

technical support

“Our goal is the participation with the dentists and stomatologists in the working team to improve dental health. We do this by providing technical support from the beginning of the diagnosis until the end of the treatment, including maintenance “.

In the treatment study, it is becoming increasingly necessary the contribution of all parties of the team. On the technical side we can provide:

  • Assembly of study models in semi-adjustable articulators with individualization of the condyle path.
  • RC Control (centric relation) and MI (maximum intercuspidation) by CPI (condylar position indicator).
  • Design of prostheses (bioaesthetic tests)
  • Tarpaulins diagnostics that generate different prosthetic possibilities in complex treatments.
  • Radiological splints and surgical implants.
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